Introduction Questions

Interaction Design - Fall 2018

  1. My name is Emily Bielski, and I am a Junior with a major in Communication Design at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts.
  2. I am thinking about focusing on illustration, and I think the class Interaction Design will give me useful skills to nativate websites, especially as the world becomes more and more digitally based.
  3. We did a small project in Typography I involving the creation of an html page, and in highschool, I took a web development class that focused on learning html, so I have some basic history with web design.
  4. In this class, I hope to learn how to problem solve and find answers about tech on my own, and gain a better understanding of why the pages we use everyday work.
  5. When designing for paper, you control what size content might be printed at--for a poster, it may only be 11x17 inches. But for the screen, you have to take into account how different size screens will display content, and take steps to make sure the design is appealing and legible through all outlets.
  6. --- This website is by the artist Claire Hummel. It is meant to display her portfolio, and I believe it is well designed because the website focuses on viewing the images clearly, and being easy to navigate between them. It is clear to the viewer at any moment what part of the artist's portfolio they are looking at.
  7. --- Google is a website that to me expemplifies communication. It is a search engine, and is successful as a communicator because it organizes information in a way that is easy to understand and relevant to the user.
  8. --- I believe Netflix works well as a website, because it is designed in a way that makes it easy for anyone to search through the enormous volume of content. Users can tailor their experience using any number of navigational tools.